Money: Our Classroom Economy

We are learning about money and making change.

Money Master Game

Students will:
  1. Participate in a classroom economy designed to mimic real world economic activity.
  2. Add and subtract money amounts.
  3. Evaluate the importance of classroom jobs and daily responsibilities.
  4. Perform classroom jobs to earn daily salaries.
  5. Budget their money and balance their accounts.
  6. Pay bills (desk and chair rental, library fees, etc.)
  7. Reflect on the importance of saving money.
  8. Buy rewards (wear a hat in class, new pencil, sit at Mrs. Bacchus' desk, computer time, etc.)
We have schema (information we already know) about economy:
– Do you make an allowance?
– Have you ever purchased something with your own money?
– Have you ever had a job?
– Have you ever saved up for something?
– Have you ever sold something to someone else?


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