October Newsletter

October 2012
This week, students participated in the Terry Fox Run.  We learned a little bit about who he was and why we continue to raise money and run in his name.  Thanks to all families who came to our school’s Open House.  Your children were so excited to show you all that we’ve been doing in Grade 1/2!

We are working on a unit on Number Relationships.  Our class is practicing counting large numbers of objects in different ways, such as making groups of 10 or lining them up in twos.  Grade 1s will begin with counting, reading, and recording numbers.  They will work with number relationships up to 10 and then 20.  Grade 2s will work with number relationships up to 50 and then 100 and should know their number facts to 18.  Activities for extra practice will be posted on

We have built up our stamina so we are able to read for over 10 minutes without stopping.  Students should read for 10-15 minutes every night at home.  One of the best ways that you can support your child in becoming a better reader is by reading with him or her often.  We are practicing retelling stories with lots of detail.  You can practice this at home by asking your child to “Start at the beginning and tell me what happened in the story.”

Students have also been writing journal entries and are beginning a unit in Recount writing.  We will use words such as “first, then, next, and finally” to tell stories in order.

Science and Social Studies 
Grade 1 students are finishing up their unit on Daily and Seasonal Changes, and Grade 2 students are learning about Matter.  You will find more information about these units on our class blog.

We have been creating a classroom community by getting to know each others’ names and learning about each other.  We have also learned a number of new prayers and graces.  Ask your child to share them with you at home.  We are going to spend the month of October learning about some of the parables, including the Good Samaritan.  Our class will be challenged to be Good Samaritans to each other.

·         Please find the list of “October Speller’s Choice Activities” attached to this newsletter.  Keep it in a safe place so your child can refer to it all month as we practice our spelling words.  Spelling work is due Fridays.
·         Friday Folders are sent home on Fridays and should be returned on Monday.
·         St. Francis Day Mass – Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 9:15 a.m. in our school gym.

Thanks for your continued communication in the agendas.  Please remember to sign your initials each day.  Your child should be encouraged to take responsibility for this.  Students’ learning skills, including organization and responsibility, are a focus of the first Progress Report.


Feedback: How Your Child is Doing

In the Friday Folder this week, you'll find a feedback slip with the curriculum expectations we have been working on, and whether your child has "Got It" or "Needs Practice".  If you see that your child needs practice in some areas, you could try playing a game on this website with them. 

There are also many opportunities for sorting and patterning at home.  Have your child sort shoes, socks, laundry, and cutlery.  Ask what is the same and what is different about the items.  Search for patterns around the house.  Try making a patterned bracelet with beads.

Please know that I am not putting a number or letter grade on these pages because they are intended to be feedback on how a student can continue to improve.  It is not a formal evaluation of their learning.

This is an example of the Grade 1 feedback slip for Sorting.

Sorting Feedback
Students were asked to sort buttons in two different ways.
Got it
Needs Practice
Finds more than one way to sort
Sorts accurately
Uses math words (size, shape, colour, sort, same, belong, different)
Identifies attributes of an item
Explains why an item does not belong

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Scholastic Book Orders

Book orders are due tomorrow (Friday).  If you would like to place an order, please fill out the slip on the back of the order forms.  Remember, the price is listed in the pink Ontario column, and it is payable by cheque only.  Your cheque can be made out to "Scholastic Canada Ltd."

By ordering books through Scholastic, I receive "bonus bucks", all of which go toward materials for our classroom.  Much of our classroom library has been purchased through Scholastic, as well as our book boxes for the Daily 5.

The orders usually arrive within a week or two.


Please sign your initials in your child's agenda every night.  I need to know that you will see any messages, homework, and notes that are sent home.


Sight Word Videos

Here’s a fun way to practice your sight words. Sing along to these songs!


Find more at Have Fun Teaching's Youtube page.


Day and Night

We are learning about Day and Night.  Here is a picture of the parts of the world that are in daylight, and which ones are in night right now.

This video shows how the Earth moves around the sun.  Watch how some parts are dark while others are light.

The video below is called a time lapse, which means they took a video and played it at a really fast speed.  Watch how the sky changes. 


Language Program: The Daily 5

Our class will use the Daily 5 to structure our language program.  I have seen wonderful results in both students' engagement and literacy in using the program. 

Students learn to work independently in 5 areas:
  1. Read to Self
  2. Work on Writing
  3. Word Work
  4. Listen to Reading
  5. Read to Someone
In the meantime, I am able to meet with small guided reading groups, or with individual students.  This week, we will begin to build our "stamina" in Read to Self.  It will be very exciting as we graph how much time we can spend on task.

Here is a powerpoint that describes, in detail, how it works.  You'll be asked to either Open or Save it.  You'll also notice the presentation is called "The Daily 5 in Kindergarten", but the program is applicable from K-8. 

I'm excited to get started, and I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it from your child, too!

Please remember to send a box of tissues and one pair of headphones to school if you have not done so.



Friday Folders

Every Friday, your child will bring home a Friday Folder.  It has 2 pockets.  One is labelled Keep at Home.  It will have any finished work, book orders, and newsletters in it.  The other is labelled Send to School, and it will be used for tests and assignments that need to be signed (so I know you have seen them) and returned to school.

If you subscribe by e-mail to this blog, you will receive an e-mail every time there is a new post.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Bacchus


Spelling City Homework Program

Each month, you’ll find a page of spelling activities attached to our class newsletter. (“September Speller’s Choice Activities.”) Please keep that page in a safe place – you’ll need it all month. You’ll also need a piece of scrap paper each week to record the spelling activities your child completes. Your child will choose 4 activities each week: one for each evening from Monday to Thursday. Divide the scrap piece of paper into four sections to record his/her work. You’ll find Spelling City under “The Usual” Choices.

Spelling city example

How to Use Spelling City

1. Visit Spelling City by clicking on the link on the right side of our class blog.

2. You should see the school name and my name. Scroll down to find the right list. We will do one list each week, and the list number will be written in your child’s agenda.

3. Click on the list. You will see the weekly spelling words, as well as some activities to choose from.

4. If you choose “Play a Game”, scroll down to the orange spelling games. All of the activities on the left side are free.

5. If you have decided to play a game on Spelling City, please remember to have an adult initial the page.

6. Return your finished page on Friday and hand it in to Mrs. Bacchus’ Inbox.

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