Feedback: How Your Child is Doing

In the Friday Folder this week, you'll find a feedback slip with the curriculum expectations we have been working on, and whether your child has "Got It" or "Needs Practice".  If you see that your child needs practice in some areas, you could try playing a game on this website with them. 

There are also many opportunities for sorting and patterning at home.  Have your child sort shoes, socks, laundry, and cutlery.  Ask what is the same and what is different about the items.  Search for patterns around the house.  Try making a patterned bracelet with beads.

Please know that I am not putting a number or letter grade on these pages because they are intended to be feedback on how a student can continue to improve.  It is not a formal evaluation of their learning.

This is an example of the Grade 1 feedback slip for Sorting.

Sorting Feedback
Students were asked to sort buttons in two different ways.
Got it
Needs Practice
Finds more than one way to sort
Sorts accurately
Uses math words (size, shape, colour, sort, same, belong, different)
Identifies attributes of an item
Explains why an item does not belong

If you have any questions, please contact me.


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