Spelling City Homework Program

Each month, you’ll find a page of spelling activities attached to our class newsletter. (“September Speller’s Choice Activities.”) Please keep that page in a safe place – you’ll need it all month. You’ll also need a piece of scrap paper each week to record the spelling activities your child completes. Your child will choose 4 activities each week: one for each evening from Monday to Thursday. Divide the scrap piece of paper into four sections to record his/her work. You’ll find Spelling City under “The Usual” Choices.

Spelling city example

How to Use Spelling City

1. Visit Spelling City by clicking on the link on the right side of our class blog.

2. You should see the school name and my name. Scroll down to find the right list. We will do one list each week, and the list number will be written in your child’s agenda.

3. Click on the list. You will see the weekly spelling words, as well as some activities to choose from.

4. If you choose “Play a Game”, scroll down to the orange spelling games. All of the activities on the left side are free.

5. If you have decided to play a game on Spelling City, please remember to have an adult initial the page.

6. Return your finished page on Friday and hand it in to Mrs. Bacchus’ Inbox.


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