Happy Halloween!

Today we carved a pumpkin and counted the seeds.  Before we started, the highest estimate was 100.  After we started making a few piles, we changed our estimates.

We counted 636 seeds!  
I'm glad we counted by 10s!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


November 2012 Newsletter


In spelling, students are working on the Week 8 list of words.  They should also be reading each night and keeping track of how many minutes they read in their agendas.


Students are invited to dress in Halloween costumes on Wednesday, October 31.  Please do not send in any food or candy on Halloween.  If you wish to send a treat in, please consider stickers or pencils.  We will be carving a pumpkin and making a spider web craft.  Students have estimated how many seeds we will find in the pumpkin.

Our class is learning about procedural texts.  We have followed procedures to draw a monster and create a spider’s web.  We will begin to write procedures, include steps and rules).  We will also be learning to make personal connections to what we read.

Social Studies: 

In Social Studies, we have been learning about our local community and features of communities around the world.

Students learn to recognize that communities consist of various physical features and community facilities that meet human needs.  We are also learning that the world is made up of countries, continents and regions and that people’s lifestyles differ from country to country.

To help achieve these learning goals, students are asked to complete a project at home and bring it to school to share with their classmates on Monday, November 12, 2012.  Details of this assignment will be posted on the class blog by Friday of this week.


We have completed our Number Sense and Numeration Unit.  Please review and sign your child’s math test and return it to school.  Students are beginning a new unit in Measurement that focuses on time, temperature, and money.  Students are encouraged to visit the class blog to play some games for extra practice at home.


We have been learning about feelings and sharing our talents.  Students will be discussing choices and consequences, as well as the responsibilities involved in being a member of a community.  We will read the story of Jesus and the Children.


If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me.  I sincerely thank you for reading this newsletter thoroughly.

Mrs. Bacchus


Halloween Stories Online

This week, during "Listen to Reading", we'll listen to some Halloween stories including:
Arthur's Halloween, One Hungry Monster, and Ben's Halloween.

If you're looking for websites with stories online, is free. You can watch them without ads by Logging in using our classroom code: mmdg7

Happy Reading!

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