We Are Number Builders!

There are so many ways to build numbers. Here are a few of the ways we've been talking about in Grade 1/2.

  1. Draw a picture.
  2. Count money.
  3. Write a number sentence.
  4. Skip count.
  5. Draw tally marks.
  6. Write a word problem.
  7. Write a number word.
  8. Show base tens.
  9. Use a ten frame.
  10. Show part-part-whole relationships.

In groups, we worked on chart paper to show numbers in many ways. 

This is our first try, halfway through the unit.  Task: Show 8 in as many ways as you can.

This group started with the number sentences at the top left and then showed number sentences using pictures.

This group was trying to use their knowledge of related facts with the number 8. (Left side of page.)

These students used manipulatives at their table and were working on showing their work on paper.

These students used pictures to show part-part-whole relationships: i.e. 6 daisies and 2 tulips make 8 flowers.

This group found a pattern using addition, but got mixed up at 4+3.

This group used pictures in a variety of ways and knew that 8 is the answer to the "double" 4+4.


We will do a similar activity again later this week to see if we are able to show numbers in even more ways.


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