The Silent E

We are learning about the Silent E.  It makes the vowel say it's name.


Counting Change

We have been learning to use the fewest number of coins to make amounts up to 10 cents in Grade 1 and up to 100 cents in Grade 2.

For example, to show 8 cents, students should think about the biggest coin that they can use first and then fill in the rest with smaller coins. (A nickel and three dimes makes 8 cents.)

Cash Out Canada is a game that asks you to be the cashier and give change to someone. It's at the Grade 2 level on the easiest settings.


Short Vowel Sounds

We have studied the short vowel sounds. Now listen to this song and try some games to show what you know.

Short Vowel Games:
  1. Make a Match on
  2. Chicken Stacker at


Sight Word Matching Game

Click on the picture to play a sight word matching game at
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