Social Studies Projects

Grade One Project:

There are new students in your school.  To help them learn about the school community, you will fill out a chart naming the buildings in your school community and tell what they are used for.  You will also draw a map that includes buildings, landmarks and physical features (rivers, ponds) to help these new students find their way around the community.  Include a title, compass rose and legend to explain the symbols used on the map.  Students will present the maps to the class and explain what some of the symbols represent.  (Chart paper will be provided.)

Grade Two Project:

Choose a country in the world and locate it on a map. (Map will be provided.) Research and discuss:

§  Climate
§  Land and plants
§  Animals
§  People
§  Clothing
§  Homes
§  Food
§  Jobs and Recreation
§  Transportation

On the chart provided, write one or two sentences about each topic.

Make a diorama – Use a box to make a model of a scene from the country studied. You may choose to show the type of housing, animals, plant life and landscape etc. found in the country.  Use any materials available at home. 
You will present your dioramas to the class, explaining how life in the country you chose compares to life in our community.


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