December News

In Science, we are investigating the needs and characteristics of living things.

Grade 1 Big Ideas
  1. Living things grow, take in food to create energy, make waste, and reproduce. 
  2. Plants and animals, including people, are living things. 
  3. Living things have basic needs (air, water, food, and shelter) that are met from the environment. 
  4. Different kinds of living things behave in different ways. 
  5. All living things are important and should be treated with care and respect.
Grade 2 Big Ideas
  1. Animals have distinct characteristics.
  2. Humans are animals. 
  3. There are similarities and differences among different kinds of animals.
  4. Humans need to protect animals and the places where they live.

In Language, we are working on Descriptive Writing.  This will be linked to our Science unit on Living Things.  We are learning to make connections between two different texts.  We will also retell the story of Jesus' birth and write a variety of creative stories about Christmas topics.
In Religion, we made Advent wreaths.  We will continue to talk about the meaning of the candles and the story of the First Christmas.

In Math, we are learning to write number sentences (4+4=8) and story problems.  This website has a list of great games for practicing addition facts

Wishing your family a joyful Advent season,

Mrs. Bacchus


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