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Under "Games", you'll love Super Story Twister!  Take a look at the great Science Experiments they have too!


New Math Unit: 3-D Geometry

Grade 1 Learning Goals:

I can make buildings using 3-D solids.
I can sort and classify 3-D solids and 2-D figures.

Grade 2 Learning Goals:

I can identify and name solids.
I can build using 3-D solids.
I can make skeletons of 3-D solids.

This unit introduces many new terms, so our spelling list this week is based on them in order that students can have some extra practice.  A great way to practice these concepts at home is to have your child help with the groceries.
  1. Have your child choose two objects and tell how they are the same and how they are different.
  2. Talk about why you place particular packages together.
  3. Ask how many faces, edges, and corners they see for each solid.


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