Bossy R (R controlled vowels)

Shiver me timbers!  This is a swashbuckling song about ARRRRR!

Pirate Jokes:

Why was the pirate hiding?  He was afraid of the darrrrk.

Why are pirates pirates?  Because they arrrrre.

Where do pirates go when they want to have fun?  To the parrrrrk.


Noah's Ark Art



Earth Day Posters

PBSkids has a bunch of great Earth Day Games for you to try!

Our class created fantastic convincing posters to tell people at our school all about Recycling!

The Amaryllis in our class even decided to show its pretty face just in time for Earth Week!


First Communion Pictures

    "Life Touch" will be at the church at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 27th for First Communion Photos. There will be a group photo and individual photos taken. Each child will receive a complimentary 8x10 of the group photo and complimentary individual photos, provided they have their picture taken (includes 1 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7's, 4 - 3x5's, 4 - 2/3's and 8 minis). Since there is no charge for the photos, there will be no other flyers or notices from "Life Touch". 

The Grade 2s had a wonderful day at their First Communion Retreat today.  Please enjoy all of the treasures they brought home to share with you.  Many thanks to Mrs. T for volunteering her time to be with us and teach us about the special things we see at Mass. 

Adding and Subtracting Two Digit Numbers

This addition and subtraction game is great practice for our upcoming Math test.  Use your computer mouse like a pencil to draw on the yellow page.


Trading Ones for Tens

Structures: Bridges

Today in class, we made two different paper bridges using arches and triangles.  We learned that those shapes make bridges STRONG and STABLE.  We have also tried standing with our feet together and then spreading them apart to explore what it means for a structure to be stable.

Watch this video with pictures of bridges from all around the world.  Do you see any arches or triangles?


Base Ten Blocks

Grade 1s are learning to show numbers using "base ten blocks".  These blocks help us to learn place value, addition, subtraction, and someday percents and decimals.  We want to be very comfortable using them to show numbers.  Right now, we are practicing counting objects in groups of ten with "leftover" ones.


Here are more virtual manipulatives to explore.

Strong and Stable Structures

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