Representing Numbers

These learning goals are for the Grade 3 unit on Representing Numbers.  Many of the goals overlap Grade 2 expectations. 

Learning Goals

I can show numbers with Base Ten blocks, pictures, and words.

I can solve problems and explain how I did it.


Success Criteria

By the end of this unit, I will:

ü Read and print numbers from 0 to 1000.

ü Read and print number words to 100.

ü Count forwards and backwards by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, and 100s to 1000.

ü Count by 25s.

ü Describe numbers to 1000 in real life situations.

ü Group numbers in 100s, 10s, and 1s.

Practice using Base Ten Blocks with this game:

Try these skip counting games too!



Nouns and Verbs

Think you know your nouns and verbs?  Test yourself with these two quizzes.  Good luck!


What to Say When You Retell

Learning Goal:
We are learning to retell a story.

Success Criteria:
We will talk about:
  • the setting (where and when?)
  • the characters (who?)
  • the problem and solution (what happened?)
  • the beginning, middle, and end - in order
  • our connections (it made me think of...)
  • the author's message (they wanted us to think about...)
  • the most important part of the story
  • our thoughts about the story
Here are some stories that you can practice retelling.


The Seven Continents

In Social Studies, we are learning about Global Communities.

Learning Goals:
  • I know that there are many countries, continents, physical features, and bodies of water around the world.
  • I can find oceans, continents, the equator, poles, and hemispheres using a map or a globe.
  • I know how to use the cardinal directions (N,S,E,W) on a map or globe.
  • I can find specific countries, cities, or towns around the world.
  • I can describe connections between locations and climates.
  • I can use clues from a picture to take a good guess where it is in the world.
  • I know many things humans need and how people around the world meet these needs.
  • I can describe physical features, wildlife, and culture of a few communities.
  • I can compare my community to a different community in the world.
Try out this game!  Can you beat the highest level?


Get to Know Mrs. Bacchus

Hi Grade 2/3s!

I was so happy to meet you all again today.  I can't wait to share this year with you!

Here are a few things you might want to know about me:

  • My favourite colours are RED and YELLOW.
  • I have a black and white cat named Coda.
  • I love to go for bike rides, grow vegetables in my garden, and travel whenever I can.
  • My favourite season is summer.
  • My favourite animals are giraffes and manatees.
  • Grade 2 and 3 are my favourite grades!
See you tomorrow!

Love, Mrs. Bacchus

Mrs. Bacchus' Top 5 Back-to-School Books

If you live in Ontario, you've probably survived Week 1 and are just starting Week 2 of school.  The first FULL week of school.

Some of my favourite books that I read aloud to my students are the ones that help me start off the year.  Here are my Top 5 Favourites!

1. You're Finally Here!

This book reminds me of the Pigeon series by Mo Willems.  The character talks to you and demands answers about what took you so long.  Guaranteed to have all little ones engaged and giggling.  It's not specifically about school, so it could be used on other occasions.

2. Splat The Cat: Back To School Splat!

I loved reading series as a kid. And as a teacher or parent, they are one of the best ways to help kids love reading. When you find a great character like Splat the Cat, you know he'll be a fast favourite.

3. Froggy Goes to School

There's an underwear joke: instant hit!

4. Wow! School!

Great for young readers with it's simple text and building excitement about all the new things you find at school.

5. First Day Jitters

This book is a great way to share some empathy about being nervous on the first day of school. Everyone loves an ending with a twist!

What are your favourite books for starting a new school year?


Life Cycle of a Butterfly



Have a wonderful school year!

Chameleons are Cool

Why do you think the author (Martin Jenkins) wrote this story?

Listen to the description of the chameleon.

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