6 Tips for Preparing for a Test

Grade 2/3s have a unit test in Math on Tuesday.  Monday will be a Review Day.  Here are some tips for studying.

1. Look through the work we have done in this unit. What parts do you understand well? What parts do you need a bit of help with? What questions do you have?

2. Make a list of questions you have for Mrs. Bacchus so we can talk about them in class.

3. Play teacher.  If you can teach it to someone else, you must have a good understanding of the idea.  Ask a parent, brother, sister, or stuffed animal to be your student and teach away!

4. Talk out loud, especially about your thinking in Math.  In class, we are working on recording our thinking on paper so the reader can clearly understand what we were thinking.  One of the best ways to practice this is to explain it to someone out loud and then write down exactly what you said.

5. Try to correct any mistakes in your work.  If you don't understand, please ask me for help!

6. Play some of the games on this blog for extra practice.


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