Money: Our Classroom Economy

We are learning about money and making change.

Money Master Game

Students will:
  1. Participate in a classroom economy designed to mimic real world economic activity.
  2. Add and subtract money amounts.
  3. Evaluate the importance of classroom jobs and daily responsibilities.
  4. Perform classroom jobs to earn daily salaries.
  5. Budget their money and balance their accounts.
  6. Pay bills (desk and chair rental, library fees, etc.)
  7. Reflect on the importance of saving money.
  8. Buy rewards (wear a hat in class, new pencil, sit at Mrs. Bacchus' desk, computer time, etc.)
We have schema (information we already know) about economy:
– Do you make an allowance?
– Have you ever purchased something with your own money?
– Have you ever had a job?
– Have you ever saved up for something?
– Have you ever sold something to someone else?


Come Lord Jesus Music

Come, Lord Jesus,

C …        D    E  D  C

come, Lord Jesus,

D …        E    F  E  D

come, Lord Jesus,

E …        F    G  F  E

come, and be born

F …        F   E   D

in our hearts.
C   D     C …


What is Matter?

Everything around us is matter.  It is anything you can see, feel, touch or smell.  Matter takes up space.  Even you are made of matter!
Matter comes in three main forms.  Matter can be a solid.  It can be a liquid.  It can be a gas.
A glass is a solid.  Orange juice is a liquid.  The air we breathe is a gas.
By the end of this unit, Grade 2 students will be able to:
  • identify objects as liquids or solids
  • describe the properties of liquids and solids
  • describe water in liquid and solid forms
  • identify what makes objects change states (liquid to solid, or solid to liquid)
  • describe how solids and liquids can be combined to make useful substances
  • explain the meaning of safety symbols
Watch this video about the 3 states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.

Check out the Science and Social Studies page to play some games.


Zero Gravity with Rick Mercer


Gravity Grounds Us


Cosmic Yoga for Kids


Anti-bullying Pledge

Anti-bullying Pledge (from and Family Channel)

This is for me
my friends today
And my friends tomorrow.
I think being mean stinks!
I won't watch someone get picked on
Because I am a do something person
not a do nothing person.
I care
I can help change things
I can be a leader
In my world there are no bullies allowed.
Bullying is bad
Bullying bites
Bullying bothers me.
I know sticking up for someone is the right thing to do
My name is (your name)
And I won't stand by
I will stand up.


Bullying Awareness Week 2013

Our school will be participating in lots of fun events for Bullying Awareness Week.  Today we chose five character virtues that teachers will be watching for.  Students who show these characteristics will be entered into a draw at the end of the week!

We will also be welcoming some of the older students at our school into our class to share some ideas about bullying.  On Friday, we'll all try to wear pink to show we STAND UP against bullying.

Check out a great song at the Family Channel to remind us to Stand Up against bullying.  You can even download the song for free and learn the dance.


Congratulations and Calendar Math Game

WOW!  The Grade 2/3s did an amazing job on stage today.  I'm so proud of all of you.  I made a video of the performance and will be sending it home for families to see.  Have a great, restful weekend.

Here's a game called Calendar Clowns:

P.S. Grade 3s - Oops! I forgot to send home your white bristol board for your map.  If you would like to start this weekend at home, you can use your own, or you can plan it out on rough paper first so you're ready to do a good copy next week.

App Recommendation: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website and app that lets you win points and badges for completing Math activities.

This video's just for you, parents and teachers!  If you are new to, they have talks on every imaginable subject.  This one is from a few years ago, by the creator of Khan Academy.  Enjoy!


Subtraction Video from Khan Academy

Example: 2-digit subtraction (no borrowing): Subtracting Whole Numbers


Choir: November 6

Magical Capitals Game


Adjective Spider Game


Mrs. Bacchus Challenges You...

Play Sum Sense and see if you can beat Mrs. Bacchus' time of 8 questions in 1 minute!
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