Using Arrays in Multiplication

Today we learned that we can use arrays to organize our groups when we multiply.  It is efficient because it makes it easier to count faster. 

First we found all of the possible combinations to make equal groups for the number 18.

B.H. even came up with 4 ½ + 4 ½ + 4 ½ + 4 ½ = 18!

Then we used 18 squares to show our ideas using arrays.

Can you say a multiplication sentence for each of these arrays?


Multiplying by 2, 5, and 10

Click here to play some Multiplication GAMES!

In Grade 2, students should learn the 0s, 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.

In Grade 3, students are expected to learn all facts up to 7x7 and the 10 times tables.

Extra practice at home is always helpful, because students need time and repetition to consolidate their learning.

Do you see any patterns?


Canada is...

We are learning about our Canadian heritage and cultures.

We are also learning how to study for a test by memorizing facts. For example, we are trying to remember the four ways that cultures contribute to communities:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Holidays
  • Language
Students should be able to name and explain each of these examples.  Please discuss, at home, your own family's origins.

What is Multiplication?

Check out this class!


Comparing Countries

Click this map to compare Canada to any country in the world!  Take a look at which countries have access to safe drinking water.  You can zoom out to see the whole world.  What do you notice?


Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is when you try to persuade or convince someone to do something, or see your point of view. 

Not sure how to start? FRED can help!

We are talking about Pros and Cons.

Talk about the pros and cons of decisions you make at home.
For example, what are the pros and cons of:

  • having spaghetti for dinner
  • riding a bike to school
  • eating candy for lunch
  • having 4 days of school each week instead of 5
  • getting a pet
Remember: Pros = good, Cons = bad

How would you persuade him to move?


St. Patrick's Day Skip Counting

Try out some St. Patrick's Day hoop dancing:


March Break Activities

Have a wonderful March Break, everyone!  Here are some boredom busters for your week.

How to Make a Yarn Doll:

Try out some of these fun Multiplication Games.  We will start our new unit the week after March Break!

Enjoy your break!


What's Going On in Grade 2/3

We made Frayer Models about Quadrilaterals.

Our students wrote prayers which have been read every day on the morning announcements.

Tomorrow is Pioneer Day.  We will talk about food, jobs, and wool in pioneer times.

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