Capacity: Litres and Millilitres

BIG IDEAS (found here):
• When we measure, we compare.
• When we measure, it’s a good idea to line things up – to use a common baseline.
• When we measure it’s important to use the same units (all centimetre cubes or all straws, for example, not a mixture of them)
• Mathematicians know that when we change the size of units we use, we get a different measurement for our object.
• There are many aspects we can measure. (height, mass, capacity)
• It’s a good idea to choose big units to measure big things and small units to measure small things.
• When we can’t bring 2 things together to compare them – like a door and a window – or when something is curved, we can use another object as a measurement tool (like a piece of string).  Mathematicians call this indirect comparison.
• We can measure how many units it takes to cover an object – to see how much space it takes up.
• Mathematicians use personal referents when they think about standard measures – like the width of a finger (1 cm) or the length of a giant step (1 m).


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