Happy Summer Holidays!

We made it! Congratulations Grade 2s and 3s! I'm so proud of you. You have learned and grown so much this year!

Now, do a little happy dance ...

... and have a wonderful summer!


Cursive Writing


Websites for Typing Practice

1.  : a fun, animated typing program

2. : simple typing practice games


Sharks 4 Kids

Today our school heard about SHARKS!

Here is the website of Sharks 4 Kids so you can check out some facts, crafts, and activities about sharks.

Did you know a Great White Shark is heavier than a piano? Find more information about Great White Sharks here.

Finally, track a shark like the researchers do here. Just scroll down and choose which type of shark you'd like to track.


Happy Election Day!


Gigantic School of Mobula Rays

These mobula rays are in the same family as the manta rays that M.W. taught us about in her animal report.


We are learning Cursive Writing


Giant Sequoia Trees


How to Make a Water Filter


Let's Save Water

These are the most common ways we use water at home.  What can you do to use less water?

Click here to find out how Guelph uses and saves water.

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