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What's Happening in Our Class?

In Math, we are finishing our first unit in Sorting and Patterning. The Grade 2s will be completing a few more patterns using two changing attributes (size, colour, shape, position). Our next unit will focus on deepening your child's understanding of number relationships, counting, and place value.

This is the prayer our class says at the end of the day.

This is one prayer we say before lunch. Have your child show you the actions!

In Grade 1/2, we are looking for work that is at a Level 3 or 4. We have discussed what that looks like in our pictures (many details, colour, labels) and we'll be talking about what it looks like in various subjects.


Preparing to “Show What You Know”

Students will be completing a task to show their knowledge of patterning. 
Grade 1 students should be able to say, “I can…”
  • Choose a strategy to make a pattern
  • Create a pattern
  • Find repeating parts of a pattern
  • Explain the pattern rule
  • Represent someone else’s pattern
  • Use math language
Grade 2 Students should be able to say “I can…”
  • Design a pattern with two attributes
  • Describe a pattern
  • Find the pattern core
  • Copy and extend a pattern to make a border
  • Describe someone else’s pattern
  • Use math language
Here are three great games for extra practice:
  1. Colour Patterns
  2. Pattern Matcher
  3. What Comes Next?
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Sorting and Patterning

We have started our first Math Unit: Sorting and Patterning!  These are our learning goals:
Grade 1
Grade 2
- We can sort things. - We can sort using two attributes.
- We can talk about how they are the same and different. - We are learning to make patterns using two attributes.
- We are learning to find patterns and we are learning to make them. - We can represent the same pattern in different ways.

Try this Sorting Game at home to practice. 

Grade 1s should try using two sorting circles.  In the game, click this button:
Grade 2s should try using a Venn Diagram.  In the game, click this button:
One of the important words we will learn in this unit is ATTRIBUTE. We will sort by the attributes colour, size, shape, and thickness.

All students should try the Guess the Rule game.  It looks like this:


How to Take Care of Your Library Book


Our First Day of Grade 1/2

We had a great first day of school today! See you again tomorrow!


One More Sleep!

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