Games for Adding Doubles

Doubles Rap


Fact Families

Fact families help us to understand the link between addition and subtraction.  They also help us understand that it doesn't matter which order you add numbers - you'll still get the same result.  The fancy word for that is commutative property. (4+2 = 2+4)
Head over to the Learning Place to find out about Fact Family Triangles, and then try these games.



Vowels are the Sticky Letters


Ten Frames

Ten Frames help us to think about numbers and basic math facts.  We use them to practice counting, adding, and subtracting.  For example, if there were 6 counters on this ten frame, how many more would you need to get to 10?

To practice at home, try this Interactive Ten Frame that has five different games.  Fuel the Brain also has five frames, ten frames, and base ten materials.  Try their games too!

Miss Nelson is Missing!

Look how this class told the story "Miss Nelson is Missing!"

If you could make a video to tell a story, what story would you tell?


The Power of Yet

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