Science and Social Studies

Matter: Properties of Liquids and Solids

Sort the solids, liquids, and gases-

Daily and Seasonal Changes

Dress Caillou for the Weather-

Sticks and Seasons-

Spring Into Life Activities-


Dinosaur Dig-

Dinosaur Illustrations-

All About Dinosaurs-

Dinosaur Sue-

Dinosaur Dictionary-

Dinosaur Scrambler-


Amazing Space-

Arty the Part Time Astronaut-

Astronomy for Kids-

NASA Kids-

Virtual Solar System-

The Planets-

Space Place-


Solids and Liquids-

Solids, Liquids and Gases-


Magnets and Springs-

Magnet Quiz-


Animal Safari-

Drag and Drop Habitat Game-

Zoo Crew-

Water Cycle

The Water Cycle-

Water Goes Around-

Water Cycle Quiz-

Map Skills

Map Grids-

Map Games-

Where Is That?

Continents and Oceans

Can you locate the continents and oceans?

Continent and Ocean Quiz-

My World (great game to practice continent locations)-

Help the tourist find his destination!


Types of Communities-

Welcome to the City!-

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